MS1A – M2M e IoT: technological and evolutionary scenarios for those companies that must get more and more digital.

May 11th, Wednesday

02.30 pm – 04:00 pm MAIN room

M2M- Iot World includes a wide range of connected objects and advanced services not so similar to each other: new generation meters, smart grid, connected cars, paying systems, smart home, smart health and smart cities are just few field where revolution is taking place. Our way of working, and our lifestyle are changing. New company development opportunities are emerging for vendors, networking experts, content producers and services suppliers and they need to be taken over into a new regulatory framework and proper infrastructures.

Chairman: Gianluigi Ferri, Founder, M2M Forum

  • 02.30 pm Welcome greetings and opening
  • 2.50 pm The importance and the dilemma of IoT Platforms
    Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research
  • 3.10 pm European Standards for information sharing
    Enrico Scarrone, Chairman, ETSI smartM2M
  • 3.30 pm Mobilising the IoT
    Barbara Pareglio, Technology Director Connected Living Program, GSMA
  • 3.50 pm Q&A
  • 4.00 pm End of the session

MS1B – THE IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup 

May 11th, Wednesday

4.00 pm – 4:45 pm MAIN room

Another year full of innovations is about to start: The 5th IOT / M2M Innovation World Cup, leading competition for the internet of things, will be kicked-off! At the official kick-off event international keyplayers and partners Telit and Gemalto are on stage to show the worldwide network and impact of the Innovation World Cup, to provide general information about the international open innovation award, and to present the latest developments in the world of Internet of Things. Kizy Tracking, IOT Hero 2016, is also aboard showing their success-story and experiences of being part of the IOT / M2M Innovation World Cup.
In the upcoming IOT / M2M Innovation World Cup, participants will compete in six categories: Smart City, Industrial, Automotive, Transport & Logistics & Surveillance, Smart Building & Home Automation, Healthcare, and the special prize ‘Security Award’. The database for submitting the solutions will be open from the May 11th until the November 11th 2016. Participation is free of charge.

Sonja Sulzmaier, Managing Partner, Navispace AG
Bertrand Späth, VP Sales & Business Development, Kizy Tracking
Roberto Staffa, Regional Sales Director, Gemalto M2M
Martin Gebler, 
Head of Partnering Europe B/S/H/, Bosch Group
Nikola Balj, Regional Sales Director Italy and SE, Telit

MS2A – Internet of Things and M2M: which innovative tools to implement new services and improve companies’ competitiveness 

May 12th, Thursday

9:15 am – 11:25 am MAIN room

M2M and IoT evolutionary trends are increasing in their importance so that now they are in the middle of the scene and generally they create new business opportunities. Companies are getting more aware that investing more on M2M-IoT technologies can be very profitable. However, some companies are still hesitant in using those technologies; for example, managing the security devices and networks can be a big issue.

This session is dedicated to the most important and current topics of the worldwide panorama on M2M communication and its applications. Leaders and field players take their chance to to talk about it by sharing their perspectives and visions according to World M2M and IoT development status.

Chairman:  Saverio Romeo, Principal Analyst, Beecham Research

  • 09.15 am Welcome greetings and opening
    The current situation of the Internet of Things
  • 09.40 am Wojciech Martyniak , M2M Product Manager, Comarch Technologies
  • 10.00 am The IoT and the competitive advantages of the digital transformation 
    Roberto Siagri, Presidente, Eurotech
  • 10.20 am Jaap Groot, VP of system business development, Semtech
  • 10.40 am A look at how M2M& IoT can help businesses innovate, improve customer loyalty and generate new revenue streams
    Gianluca Salvaneschi: Sales Director, Orange Business Services
  • 11.00 am IoT Transformation
    Laurent Mayaux, Principal Consultant, Ericsson Global Services
  • 11.20 am Q&A
  • 11.25 am End of the session

MS2B – LPWA and low consumption local networks: comparison among systems and concrete case histories

May 12th , MAIN room

11:45 am – 01:15 pm

Chiarman: Gaetano Pellegrino, Senior Consultant, Open Gate Italia

  • 11.45 am Welcome greetings and opening
    LPWA: a chance to grab
  • 12.05 pm LPWA: new technologies unlocking IoT
    Giovanni Besozzi, Initiator for Milan, The Things Nework
  • 12.25 pm Wireless technologies for factory automation
    Raffaele Esposito
    , Coordinatore Gruppo Wireless, ANIE Automazione
  • 12.45 pm Carlos Lambarri, Amministratore Delegato, Nettrotte
  • 01.05 pm Q&A
  • 01.15 pm End of the session

MS3 – Smart Energy: “Internet of Energy” to support and develop new services and to improve the customer experience

May 12th, Thursday

02.30 pm– 05:30 pm

Evolutionary boost inside energy field gathers different aspects: it goes from the centralized /distributed energy management to the increase of final customer awareness, from renewable energy relaunch to the challenge that the opening of new energy markets in 2018 could bring.

M2M and IoT represent the main factor for the development of new Smart Grid markets.

In all fields, the electric, following water and gas ones, lot of needs must be satisfied: communication services usable in vertical applications, technological layers and protocol standardization, devices interoperability, network infrastructures sharing, proper security measures and privacy management.

Chairman:  Agnese Cecchini, Direttore Editoriale, Gruppo Italia Energia

  • 02.30 pm saluti di benvenuto e apertura lavori
  • 02.40 pm Massimo Ricci, Energy Expert
  • 03.00 pm Michele de Nigris, Presidente, ISGAN
  • 03.20 pm Iot for business innovation in Utilities
    Stefano G. Coiro
    , Regional Sales Development Director – Utilities and Energy, Ericsson Global Services
  • 03.40 pm Information based energy services: market trends and fundamental regulations
    Guido Cervigni, Research Director, IEFE-Università bocconi e Innowatio
  • 04.00 pm The active role of demand and consumers in the energy sector
    Massimo Bello, Vice Presidente, AIGET
  • 04.20 pm Smart Building Management: Remote control and Smart Energy for the building
    Domenico Dellarole, Representative in the Remote Control, Supervision and Automation Group, ANIe Automazione
  • 04.40 pm Open Innovation and the consumers role
    Mario Molinari
    , Managing Director, Mover Investimenti
  • 05.00 pm Proposal for a personal energetic assistant
    Christian Camarda,
    CEO, Midori
  • 05.20 pm Q&A
  • 05.30 pm End of the session


May 11th

10:00 am– 12:30 pm, Room 3

SS1 – Smart Mobility and Infrastructures: smart infrastructures for citizens’ and companies’ mobility

The session examines the evolution of enabling technologies for Smart Cities development, paying particular attention to mobility and smart lighting projects.

Chairman: Umberto Sampieri, Vicedirettore, City Life Magazine

  • 10.00 am Welcome greetings and opening
  • 10.20 am InfoSmartCity: All the Cities, all the information in one unique App
    Nicola Lavenuta, CEO, Macnil Gruppo zucchetti
  • 10.40 am Smart Mobility: on-board devices and navigation systems for the new connected cars
    Maria Sorokina, IOT Business Development, Orange Business Services
  • 11.00 am Coffee Break
  • 11.20 am Smart-Box for IoT services of diagnostic and recon duration of mobile work machines
    Guido Colombo, Presidente, Orchestra
  • 11.30 am Smart Lighting: making cities smarter by IoT technologies
    Grzegorz Wąchocki, Director of IoT Department ,Comarch Technologies
  • 11.50 pm Welcome to the world of the Internet of Things – Live the Reality
    Michele Frassini, IoT Sales & Marketing Manager, Vodafone Italy
  • 12.10 pm Smart Planning @169MHz
    Cristina Comezzi, Senior Account Manager ̧ Sedicom
    Roberto Messina, Account Manager, Sedicom
  • 12.30 pm Q&A
  • 12.45 pm End of the session


ET1 – Big Data and Business Intelligence, Cloud, Cybersecurity: enabling technologies’ evolution for IoT solutions 

May 12th

09:30 am – 13:15 pm, Room 3

Due to the pervasive nature of M2M/IoT, it is necessary to use an open and integrated infrastructure that is able to combine control of intelligent devices (Cloud) with data management (Big Data). The use of these platforms is becoming fundamental to all companies that want to use the IoT. Also not to be underestimated, are the aspects related to security, privacy and the connectivity that will be more and more specialised for these applications.

Chairman: Giambattista Gruosso, Electro Technical Professor, Politecnico di Milano

  • 9.30 am Welcome greetings and opening
    Creating an ecosistem for IoT in manufacturing and automotive Bigdata, Cloud e Security
    Giambattista Gruosso, Electro Technical Professor, Politecnico di Milano
  •  9.50 am IoT e M2M Multiservices Platforms
    Stefano Della Valle, VP Executive Sales and Marketing, iNEBULA
  •  10.10 am IoT EDGE Computing
    Jorg Palm, Chief Marketing Officer, Option
  • 10.30 am One Step Ahead – security with a boost!
    David Gubiani , SE Manager,  Check Point Software Technologies
  • 10.50 am Real-Time processing for internet of things
    Marco Laucelli, CEO, Novelti
  • 11.00 am Coffee Break
  • 11.20 am Sim and data traffic. Global connectivity services for IoT applications
    Mario Calcagnini, IoT Sales Director Italy, telit
  • 11.40 am Cloud, Fog … Distributed IoT: An Adaptive IoT Platform
    Filippo Murroni
    ,  CTO,  PLAT.ONE
  • 12.00 pm Live dissection of an (in)secure IoT device
    Carlo De Micheli, Security Analyst, Security Brokers
  • 12.20 pm  THREAD: the new global communication protocol
    Massimiliano Morelli, FAE Southern Europe, Silicon Laboratories
  • 12.40 pm M2MLab platform and development IOT projects in the smart city: technological solution to manage in cloud the satellite systems  and SIM efficiently  to control devices.
    Andrea Perocchi
    , Managing Director, Noitel Italia
  • 13.00 Q&A
  • 13.15 pm End of the session


May 12th

This session shows M2M- IoT technological and real solutions and projects available today, which go into deep about vertical fields of application, by highlighting the functional meeting point of sensor, communication and connectivity.

02:30 pm– 05:00 pm, Room 4

ZI – M2M technologies and Solutions: which news for the enterprise world users?

Chairman: Sergio Sciarmella, Owner, NextManager

  • 02.30 pm Welcome greetings and opening
    M2M: new technologies for much more efficient and optimized solution
    Sergio Sciarmella, Owner, NextManager
  • 02.50 pm Fundamental collecting technologies in IoT: when RFID meets Bluetooth Smart…BLE- Bluetooth Low Energy and various application sectors
    Paola Visentin,
    Marketing & Global Communication Manager, RFD Global
  • 03:10 pm Business models changes for IoT
    Tiziano Modotti, Sales Manager, Eurotech
  • 03:30 pm Connect, Evaluate, Plan: a Decision Support System enabling smart management of IoT-connected resources
    Marco Ciarletti, 
    Founder & CEO, Soonapse
  • 03:40 pm IoT base: connectivity
    Fabio Maravigna,
    Country Manager, Sphinx Connect Italia
  • 03:50 pm Beacon Bluetooth Smart, Physical Web, Web Bluetooth: emerging technologies for l’IoT
    Alessio Cucini,
    Managing Director, Blueupbeacons
  • 04:00 pm Accelerating IoT Projects: From concept to consumer in 90 days
    Walter Ambu,
    CEO & Founder, Entando
  • 04:10 pm “Data Driven” value creation for the industry
    Luca Bolognini
    , Data Driven Innovation Manager, Aizoon
  • 04:20 pm Hello, this is the fridge, I’d like to buy milk as the reserve is finishing … I’ll pay on delivery with Credit Card
    Roberto Garavaglia,
    Management Consultant and Innovative Payments Strategy Advisor
  • 04.40 pm Q&A
  • 05.00 pm End of the session



May 11th

04:30 – 05:30 ARENA SPACE

How Digi-key can help you to move from  an idea to a real project without investing money.

Vincenzo Purgatorio, Sales Director South Europe North Africa, Digikey 

The presentation will show how we can help the R&D to start to develop a project from an idea, without investing money. All the users , from makers \ university and start ups to the big R&D laboratories, can use free of charge all the tools available from the simple Scheme-it to the PCB web and finally to have access to the Mentor graphic library. With our innovative and unique model we are   ready to work with all the customers from Prototype to Production.
Register here to participate at workshop.


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